Boxing is a sport that doesn’t require any introduction. Great champions like Mohammad Ali & Mike Tyson have made this sport truly international. Boxing requires great speed and stamina.¬†Well when you fight what twitch the most are your Hands and Legs. Whether you want to knock someone out or keep the distance and avoid blows. Kick Boxing helps you achieve the same. Our Kick Boxing techniques not only train you for competition but also helps you increase your cardiovascular capacity.


Our MMA Classes include Muay Thai which is the art of 8 limbs. It is one of the most deadliest techniques known to cause serious damage to ones opponents. Each Muay Thai strike requires full commitment and immense power is generated during each strike. 8 limbs form the highest number of combos compared to most forms of Martial Arts. The best of MMA(Mixed Martial Artists) turn towards Muay Thai to improve their striking. Our Muay Thai classes involves training and conditioning of each of these limbs. If you want to learn the actual essence XFF is the place to be


MMA currently a very popular sport in India. But we have been teaching this since 2005. It is the juice of all forms of Martial Arts. Each fighter has a wide range of option to select from as per comfort level and goals. MMA not only is good for Self Defence and Cage Fighting but is also a fitness game changer. Our MMA routines can completely transform your Aesthetics.


It is one of the most decorated form of Martial Arts. Those 540’s and 720’s become a reality for you once you join us. Master Shafiq himself is a 3rd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. Hence there is great focus on this Martial Art Form at XFF. Taekwondo turns the delicate part of your feet into a lethal weapon.


When it comes to BJJ there is no second place to look at. Master Shafiq ‘ Superkick’ Rehman has been a winner of the ADCC tournament in past. He maybe the only Indian fighter to that. BJJ comes in handy in close range combat and self defence scenarios. It can also be used to shun an opponent without any damage as it profoundly known as the ‘Gentle Art’ as preached by Gracie’s the founders of this Martial Art. Practicing Jiu Jitsu not only increases your strength and endurance but also helps you become more flexible and have higher thresholds towards pain.


A sport which is truly International and a big part of Olympics. Wrestling often represent the strengths of the strongest and most agile participants from any country. We teach all forms of wrestling (American, Greco Roman, Kushti) and it forms a major part of our students routine. We make sure that all our clients no atleast the basic wrestling techniques. Wrestling builds functional muscles and strength.


Judo is a form of Martial art that uses precise timing and a movement so accurate that it cause the opponent to slam down instantaneously. It effectively uses the weight and power of an opponents strike and converts it into a lethal throw. It is a Martial Art form which requires a great understanding of an opponents anatomy and movement patterns. Hence it also improves the focus and concentration of the practitioner. We have Extra Cushioned Crash mats to take care of our students while practicing.